Craftspeople like us know the invigorating feeling of creating personal fulfilment as part of their work. And it is the privilege of our customers to wear this personal fulfilment as part of their clothing.


Wallmann means choosing longevity. The calm success of constant appreciation for detail – the concealed row, the French stitching, the hand-sewn buttonhole. Not life in the fast lane, but a friendly invitation to timelessness and quality. It is a brand that tells of Austria, but that also constantly rewrites its own story – a question of urbanity and stylistic confidence. Since 2008, René Schedler has been taking our brand into new territories, and at the same time bringing urbanity to us. Together with his well-practised team, he has been launching the collections. People and values that impart permanence.

Nähen Wallmann

Everything we do is aimed at shaping personality.
We see different character traits as enriching variety that inspires us every day. We incorporate our customers, employees and partners' individual needs into our decisions, our business and our company.

This understanding is reflected in all our handcrafted works and turns them into personalities themselves.
Every single one of our pieces of clothing
represents our work and accentuates the wearer's personality with its individual characteristics.

Hand-tailored personalities,
for people with personality.

She stands for posture, shape and attitude towards life. A quiet statement of high-end materials, craftsmanship and love of detail. She masters any situation, and that means any situation.

No covering up, rather emphasising body language. A visible sign and a genuine form of communication. The first impression, the clarity of the shape, the authenticity of the material. The clothes that you choose can influence the course of your day, and sometimes even more.

Focusing on the inward is what matters. By merely looking on the outside, we run the risk of being distracted by short-lived impressions


Exclusively natural fibres touch our skin. For the moving body, the body at rest or in contact with itself. Quality of life begins right at the surface of the skin.


For some years, the increase in demand has required an expansion of production. The original building, located in Hohenems since our beginnings in 1957, still is our headquarters today, as well as the place for production, design, development of prototypes and determination of quality standards.


Wallmann Gründer
Wallmann Gebäude